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Chevron Amethyst Bracelet

Chevron Amethyst Bracelet

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Chevron-Amethyst is a combination of White Quartz and Amethyst, mixed to form a V-banded or striped pattern.

It’s usually a beautiful lavender, purple, or white in color.

Chevron-Amethyst is also sometimes called Banded Amethyst or Dogtooth Amethyst.

This stone can usually be found in India, Brazil, and Africa.

Why Would You Use Chevron-Amethyst?

You need a Chevron-Amethyst in your life because this stone combines the enhancing and strengthening qualities of a Quartz with the stress-relieving qualities of an Amethyst.

its a spiritual stone which is a great tool for lifting the veil that obscures the meaning of life.

When you’re around the energies of this stone, you will gain more wisdom, and you will have most of the answers that you are searching for.

Chevron-Amethyst will give you peace of mind.

When you’re surrounded by noise and chaos and you want a break from the hustle and bustle, this stone will give you peace and serenity.

It will promote relaxation and self-discovery.

When your body and mind are at rest, you will have more opportunities to discover new things about yourself.

Chevron-Amethyst is an excellent stone that will work with the third eye chakra, too.

It will enhance both your intuition and physical vision to give you higher vision!

It will make you more sensitive to your environment and to the higher realm.

It will also strengthen your psychic abilities and open your third eye.

The energies of Chevron-Amethyst will cleanse the aura. It will remove any residual negativity that’s affecting your overall vibrations.

This stone will also amplify the energies required for manifestation.

Chevron-Amethyst will strengthen your visualization skills and enhance your dream recall.


Chevron-Amethyst and Wealth

Chevron-Amethyst is a lucky stone to have if you are serious about increasing your wealth and getting rid of your debts.

The energies of this stone will give you strength, discipline, and willpower to follow through with your plans!

It will open you up to exciting new opportunities that will generate new income for you.

You will also be meeting new people that can get your foot in the door and help you expand your business circle.

Chevron-Amethyst will also dispel laziness, co-dependency, and procrastination. It will replace it with drive, motivation, and inspiration!


How to Use Chevron-Amethyst for the Best Results

Chevron-Amethyst is also a wonderful stone to use if you are a creative person.

If you love to write, draw, paint, sculpt, or create in any way, putting a Chevron-Amethyst in your workspace can enhance your creativity.

It will give you fresh new ideas and a high level of productivity.

A short session with a Chevron-Amethyst will prevent you from feeling out of sorts, lethargic, confused, or mentally clumsy.

You will feel refreshed and reenergized whenever you’re around this stone. You will always feel in control.

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